In Kawafuku, we have cut off the Udon by artisan with a Japanese knife made by the same method as making a sword.
Because of the high technological skills required to cut Udon, mechanization has progressed and even if it is cut by hand, many people actually cut with cutters, and only a few people left who are mastering the Japanese knife.
I would like you to savor the feeling of Udon going down your throat with a sharp cutting taste that can only made by the arm of artisan who master a Japanese knife.
First, bite with the front teeth, then slurp into your mouth, and without using the back teeth, drink, pass through the throat when drinking. 
If you master the way to eat with your throat, you will multiply the deliciousness of Udon, and if learn the feeling of of Udon passing through your throat, it will make you addicted to Udon !!
Kawafuku is a restaurant that originated in Zaru Udon and in addition to Zaru, we have various kinds of original menu.
So, come and eat delicious food.🌟




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